Havey Varmint 6 MM PPC Bench Rest Rifle BRS Action. Hart Barrel. Leupold Scope.
6 MM PPC Heavy Varmint Class rifle BRS Action Stainless Steel. Hart Barrel. Leupold 45x rifle scope.Jewell 2 OZ Trigger
Heavy Varmint Class Rifle 6 MM PPC Hart barrel Leupold 45x Rifle Scope. Jewell 2 oz trigger
Heavy Varmint, Light Varmint Class Rifle. Aluminium Action BRS. Hart Barrel. Leupold Scope. Jewell Trigger 2 OZ.
Target Pistol Single shot. Hart barrel. Cal. 308 Win. Swing Action.
Rifle Barrel Crowning. Muzzle end properly finished
Rifle Barrel Threads. Barrel end and rifle chamber caliber 6 mm PPC
Heavy Varmint. Class. BRS. Action .Hart Barrel.
cal. 6MM PPC. Leupold Scope. 45x.
Heavy Varmint. Class. BRS. Action .Hart Barrel.cal. 6MM PPC.
    HV/LV.Class BRS.ACTION.Aluminium
    threads  HART Barrel.
SINGLE SHOT TARGET PISTOL. SWING ACTION, Anchutch trigger,            
Muzzle Barrel Crowning I like !
Barrel stub,threads,and chamber. Cal 6mm PPC
CustomVarmint Tactical
Hunting Target Rifles
Precision built for maximum accuracy in bench rest competitions. Delivered
with custom hand reloading dies, straight line bullet seater and neck sizing
die, made by the same reamers as barrel is chambered with. Rifles in
bench rest precision class are capable of 1/8 minute of angle groups.
Quality rifle scopes are a must, Leupold  30x magnification and higher.
Special quality stainless steel Hart barrels, custom bolt actions precision