Birgir Runar Saemundsson shooting 1000 yards 7 MM Rem Mag Rifle, Unertle Scope.
Heavy Varmint class caliber 6 MM PPC Bench rest rifle. Hart Barrel. Leupold rifle scope
Single Shot BRS Custom Action on caliber 6 MM PPC  Bench rest Competition rifle.
Glass Bedding varmint rifle. Pillar bedding process. Improving accuracy
Glass bedding. Pillar bedding process.Note  pillars around guard screws.
Hjalti Stefansson shooting his HV caliber 6 PPC rifle. Aluminium bolt action
    Bench Rest Heavy Varmint Class Rifle.
Heavy Varmint Rifle cal. 6MM PPC.
Bench Rest Heavy Varmint Class Rifle
Bedding/ Pillar of Varmint Rifle.
Bedding Pillar of Varmint Rifle.
Hjalti Stefánsson Himself ! Shooting 6mmPPC HV. Rifle
VIDEO/TV Camera Operator/Bench Rest Shooter.
Target,Bench Rest.
Custom Varmint,Hunting,Tactical,Bench Rest rifles
HB. 1000 yds. 7MM REM MAG. Hart Barrel.
LEE Six Stock . Custom Reloading dies
Heavy Varmint Class caliber 6 MM PPC Bench Rest target rifle. 6 MM PPC Ammunition
Greenpeace ! One of the best rifles.
6MM  PPC HV/LV class. Bench Rest Rifle.
Aluminium BRS.Action with inner SS steel sleeves.
Bench Rest Rifles, hunting rifles, tactical rifles, varmint rifles in calibers caliber .22 long
rifle, cal. 222 Rem cal. 223 Rem, cal.22/250 Rem, caliber 6 mm PPC, cal. 243 Win,cal.
6mm Rem cal.6.5mm,cal 7mm Rem Mag, 308 Win, 300 Win mag,8mm Rem Mag 375
Mag, 458 Win Mag. Long Range Shooting at 1000 yards. Tool and die development and
construction. Bench Rest Competition in USA and 1 World Record set in Ohio USA in
1988 at the IBS Nationls. Smallest 10 shot group at 200 yards in Heavy Bench Class.
Measuring 0.275 inch. This group broke a 20 year old record. The rifle is below, at that
time it was chambered in 6 mm BRS. Hart Barrel, Lee Six stock, Custom Sleeved bolt
action. Hart 2 oz trigger, Leupold scope (at that time) Here are some photographs of rifles